Corporate Training

Great companies invest in their people.

Tailored teamwork, communication and conflict training for companies and organizations.

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Darrin has partnered as an Associate with David Bentall and Next Step Advisors in their work with family business. Together, we offer the highest level of expertise for business families and the challenges they face.

“I have taken a great many conflict resolution courses. What Darrin has prepared and presented is the best yet by a long shot. He modeled perfectly by listening carefully and getting our stories and world absolutely right. Thank you!”
Alex Muselius

Training topics include:
  • The Impact of Change
  • Assessing Conflict in the Team and with Clients
  • Handling High Emotion
  • Handling High Conflict Personalities

CorpTraining_300x200Great companies invest in their people. The most important aspect of an organization is the team of people who give it life.

What happens when that team is not communicating effectively or is experiencing negative conflict? Whether it’s a Fortune 500 company, a family business or non-profit organization, productivity is reduced dramatically, morale plunges and the company struggles.

What if your organization is extremely healthy? Elite level productivity and employee satisfaction is within your grasp!

Whether in crisis or great health, we are the support you need. What sets NSM apart is Darrin’s rich background in leadership of organizations with complex social and emotional systems, coupled with his extensive training in conflict resolution. He has trained leaders of companies grossing from $100,000 to over $500 million annually. We can create a custom training package to help make positive change for you and your team.