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Great organizations invest in their people.

Bolster your community with a seasoned conference speaker, offering tailored training in organizational teamwork, communication, conflict, and more.

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Darrin Hotte currently serves on faculty at the Justice Institute of BC as a Coach in Conflict Resolution as well as other dimensions of Collaboration.
Darrin is a Coach at the Family Law Mediation courses offered through Continuing Legal Education for lawyers who are training in family mediation



“As a frequent guest speaker at Thompson Rivers University, Darrin Hotte brings professionalism and cutting-edge strategies to the fields of mediation and conflict management. His extensive knowledge and ability to connect with the audience is a rare asset. I highly recommend Darrin as a speaker for your event or training, he will not disappoint.”
Dr. Robert Hanlon, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Thompson Rivers University

“Darrin is a skilled communicator who would be a great resource for any context. Whether it is a corporate, church, community, or academic setting, he is able to explain both the theory and practice of mediation in very applicable ways. We would highly recommend him.”
Kyung Baek + Peter Ahn, Adjunct Professors, Carey Theological College

“I have taken a great many conflict resolution courses. What Darrin has prepared and presented is the best yet by a long shot. He modeled perfectly by listening carefully and getting our stories and world absolutely right. Thank you!”
Alex Muselius

“A+. Thank you for sending a skilled and experienced mediator! Darrin is a pro and met our group’s needs expertly.”
Executive Director

Training topics include:
  • The Impact of Change
  • Assessing Conflict in the Team and with Clients
  • Handling High Emotion
  • Handling High Conflict Personalities

CorpTraining_300x200Great organizations invest in their people.
They recognize their community of people as their lifeblood.

What happens when that team is not communicating effectively or is experiencing negative conflict? Whether it’s a Fortune 500 company, a family business or non-profit organization, productivity is reduced dramatically, morale plunges and the company struggles.

What if your organization is extremely healthy? Elite level productivity and employee satisfaction is within your grasp!

Whether in crisis or great health, we are the support you need. What sets NSM apart is Darrin Hotte’s rich background in leadership of organizations with complex social and emotional systems, coupled with his extensive training in conflict resolution. He has trained leaders of companies grossing from $100,000 to over $500 million annually. We can create a custom training package to help make positive change for you and your team.