Separation & Divorce

Separation or divorce can be painful and difficult.

All aspects including parenting plans, child support, guardianship, spousal support, asset division, etc.

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Darrin is a Certified Comprehensive Family Mediator through Family Mediation Canada

Canada’s only national family mediation organization.

He is also a Member of the Family Roster of Mediate BC.

The “hub” for mediation in BC.

Darrin has a Certificate in Conflict Resolution: Family Mediation Specialization

Justice Institute of BC -The leading conflict resolution training institution in BC.


“At a very challenging time in my life, Darrin served as an exceptional support to both myself and my wife, offering top rate, helpful and realistic advice during our separation. Darrin’s professionalism, integrity, impartiality, and care made negotiating a challenging separation phase in our lives, straight forward and relatively painless.”
NSM Client

“I wish to commend the professional work of Darrin Hotte and New Solution Mediation. Darrin is an expert in understanding chronic conflict with families and organizations. I refer to him in my private practice work as a psychologist and I find him to be clear, solution oriented and hopeful.”
Dr. Paddy Ducklow

SepDiv_300x200Separation or divorce is painful and difficult.

There are so many issues to deal with…financial stress, legal issues, tense extended family relationships, new living situations, a new identity, etc.

If there are children involved, it is even more complicated – with much more at stake. While all this is happening, both parties are more stressed than ever with less emotional resources to handle this intense time. No wonder they have conflict that has them stuck.

NSM will enable you to make crucial decisions…Parenting time, guardianship, access, child support, spousal support, special expenses, asset and property division, etc.

We know you want to settle the issues and look after the best interests of your children. You can accomplish this, but you might just need a little help.

We look forward to meeting with you and helping you create some new solutions for your situation so that you can get through this and get on with your life.