Why not mediate? Conflict Resolution Week 2015

October 23, 2015


In Mediation you control the outcome #whynotmediate #MediateBC #DarrinHotte

I continue to be extremely proud to be a manager at Mediate BC, the hub for mediation in British Columbia promoting cutting edge ideas and programs in mediation and conflict resolution. The photo of me above is part of this promotion, where I got to share what I love about my Conflict Resolution work.

Again this year, Mediate BC is spearheading Conflict Resolution Week in British Columbia.
It’s a chance for all of us to stop and consider some of the ways we can resolve conflict.

Conflict is a part of all of our lives. There’s no way around it.
If we’re interacting with each other in any way, there will be conflict.
We know that conflict can be negative.
We also know that conflict can be very positive.
It just depends on how we react to it and what we do with it. I’m very pleased to do this work of conflict resolution to help people move forward in their conflict. What I often see is, whether it’s families or companies or organizations, conflict handled well is a building block for more character, self-awareness and better relationships.

I’m inviting you to help Mediate BC get the word out about Conflict Resolution Week 2015 (October 17 – 24) to start to change our minds about what conflict is for, and how we can work through it positively.



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