Seasons of Busyness

December 6, 2018

Sometimes people ask me if, as a mediator, I have some seasons during the year that are busier than others. Yes, the seasons are different as far as the flow of work. During the summer, the coaching and teaching I do for the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) certainly slows down, with fewer courses and other academic activities going on there and other places where I teach.

However, it’s natural for people to want to get help when the season, any season, changes, particularly for divorce and separation mediation. The Christmas season is a time when families come together, and when plans need to be made. With the amount of conflict this can cause, there can be a spike in people that need mediation help. And into the springtime, while people look ahead to their summer, families will often need help, or find this a natural time to want to reorganize their families. Into the summer, many families have asked to reorganize their parenting time schedules, so that’s a natural time to come to a mediator with a need for help. For some, the fall is a catalyst for mediator assistance in making a fresh start.

So yes, some seasons in my work are busier. These don’t necessarily correspond, however, to predictable calendar seasons. It’s a natural extension of being available to people when they need the help, which as I described, can justifiably happen in any season.
I’ve seen spikes in July, and in August, and even did a Mediation Session on Christmas Eve one year (although I have no intention to make that my tradition).

Is this the season for you?

If you’re wondering about seasons for a Mediator because you’re seeking an ideal window to contact me, I assure you that whenever you’re ready for your 20-minute no-obligation discovery call, I’m a phone call away.
Know that any season can be your season to start the process of clarifying your family relationships, using a Family Mediator like myself.
Because your ideal season really is “before it’s too late.”



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