Co-Mediation: two heads are better than one

October 10, 2018

Occasionally I have the opportunity to co-mediate, which means working in partnership with an additional mediator. For clients, it’s an excellent opportunity to have extra help in the room, without the extra cost. Sometimes Mediators like to mediate together, to learn from each other and grow their mediation skills.

It’s terrific for clients, because they get two minds, two sets of eyes and two sets of ears in the room at all times. It also allows the mediators to discuss the situation before and after sessions, having their combined insight informing the next steps. Working in a team like this is very effective. When I have co-mediated with others, I sense the clients have benefitted a lot. I certainly enjoy working with other good people this way.

Co-mediation is an opportunity that doesn’t present itself all the time. However, if you’re in need of mediation and you’re interested in this idea, let’s talk about the possibilities to set up a co-mediating situation for you.


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