New Year Resolution

January 3, 2011

new-year-s-300x225Nobody enjoys conflict. (If they do there might be something wrong with them!) And because nobody likes it, the vast majority of people tend to avoid conflict when it shows up in their relationships. That means if they are increasingly annoyed by something another person has said or done, they will ignore it in hopes that it will eventually go away. Even if it has created a real problem, most people tend to avoid confronting it -usually until it escalates into a much worse problem.

What about you? Are you one of the many who ignore your feelings, hoping that the issue will resolve itself? How often does it actually solve the problem?

As you look back over your last year, you will probably notice a lot of things happened. I hope there has been much encouragement, joy and success. But like the rest of us, there are also some difficult moments you are eager to forget. I suspect that some of those difficulties center around interpersonal conflict in your family, workplace, school, etc. If you don’t want these difficulties to carry over into the new year, or your year or years after, start making a plan to have the discussion you need to have. If you need help preparing for this, or want general help understanding why you deal with conflict the way you do, I would be more than happy to talk to you about this -a phone call or email from you will get us started. In fact, my own plan for the year and years to come is to equip you with some getting-started resources right here on the website. Stay tuned, and please take a look around now.

Commit yourself to facing the conflict. You know it won’t solve itself.



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