Our Mediation: more than just Divorce & Separation

July 6, 2017

I work out with some good buddies. I once asked them if they had questions about mediation. They know a bit about what I do as a separation, divorce and family business mediator, so one of the questions was “What are ways in which mediation can be useful besides in separation, divorce and family business?”. It’s a great question.

Mediation can be used any time two or more people are in conflict and need to make some decisions about how to move forward, but are unable to have the conversation because of the strained relationship. I have done other kinds of mediations involving neighbour disputes, strata disputes, workplace and employment conflicts, consumer conflict where a contractor or company is in dispute with their customer or client over the work they’ve done. I’ve also done mediations with families who are conflict, that don’t involve separation, divorce or a shared family business. These include elder mediations and mediations in the non-profit sector.

Some people are familiar with the idea of mediation because of the media: we hear about hockey strikes or teacher strikes and how mediation is often useful to settle those disputes.
I drew this parallel in this one-minute video for MediateBC’s Conflict Resolution Week.
And really, mediation is useful for pretty much any situation where people are in conflict and need to have a conversation to negotiate a solution.



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