Shared Vision and Values

October 4, 2017

In my work with family business, there are so many different things we work through with families who are at various stages in their family business history: succession planning, continuity, legacy, leadership and roles in the company, strategy… these are all things families think about when it comes to their business.

Shared vision is where it all starts.
Families together need to figure out what they want their family to be, and what they want their business to be. From that place, they can make decisions on all kinds of things having to do with how their family is involved in their business, how the next generation gets involved, to the business and management decisions such as how and when to expand, what sort of services and products to offer, and ownership and shareholder decisions.

It’s not that different when it comes to separation and divorce. Shared vision can make mediation sessions more productive. When a couple has a shared vision for their children, and for their legacy, then from that place they can collaborate and make great decisions together.

If you are working in a family business, or working through a separation, I hope you will consider together what your shared vision is, while you make such important decisions.


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