What’s fair is fair

August 4, 2017

I talked to a client earlier this year who didn’t know very much about family law.
He was getting separated from his wife, so he needed a lot of information about what the law said, and what it meant. Some of the information I gave him made him very upset, because he thought he was going to get a very unfair settlement that would be a very unfair situation for him, after all was said and done. But as I gave him more information, he started to understand that the law was designed to make it fair for everybody.

People are sometimes surprised at what they have to compromise when they get separated, especially regarding finances and time with their children. Separation’s very difficult. It’s never what people expect to be doing when they get married or when they get together with their partner. But the law is designed to be fair, and in mediation we have the flexibility to be more creative than the courts normally are, so the agreements people come up with can work, fairly, for everybody.



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